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Everyday thousands of people get hacked just connecting to public wifi,

How to use my laptop or tablet on the go safely?

My_Pocket_SHIELD is the solution !!!


1. Danger Connecting to public Hotspots

We love to stay connected,

We connect to public hotspots, at Airport, Hotel, Conferences ….

BUT The public hotspots are unsafe!!!

Transport private information

My Pocket SHIELD

brings a safe internet connection anywhere

"Now I can connect to internet in peace of mind"

2. How to trust an USB pen you have to plug at your laptop ?

Someone is giving you it’s pendrive,

Or you plugged your pendrive at a friends laptop...

USB pendrive is a MAJOR hack risk

Transport private information

My Pocket SHIELD

allows to plug safely an untrusted usb pen and prevents any kind of hacking.

3. Transport sensitive data

Can you imagine what can happens if you lose sensitive data like confidential information, pictures...?

Losing your USB pen, even encrypted, can be a real risk for your privacy.

Transport private information

My Pocket SHIELD

up to 400Gb that includes the strongest privacy protection system in the market : encryption, blochchain, self-destruction...

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My Pocket SHIELD

A powerful piece of hardware fixed behind laptop screen protecting your laptop & PRIVACY.

Your Privacy is now SAFE


Safe connection to internet using public wifi, up to 400Gb safe storage, USB pendrive airlock

Military-grade protections systems (AI, Blockchain, SHA-256, RSA Encryption ...)

Just "Plug & surf" olution (no drivers, no software ...)

AllPriv Solution Is a multi-patented solution delivering a hi-level protection for company digital live on the go.

RGPD, CCPA,... and other Privacy Regulations Compliant.

The LPS is a full server room in your hand, embedding Blockchain and AI working only for your security .


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